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An Overview of What and Why We Teach in Our Bullying Prevention Classes

Our workshops with kids have a strong emphasis on influencing the bystanders, who are neither bullies nor victims, to make them show that they are against bullying and to make them support the victim, rather than encourage the bully (Salmivalli et al., 1996; Salmivalli, Kärnä, & Poskiparta, 2010; Salmivalli & Voeten, 2004)

During our presentation we aim to:

1.  Raise understanding and awareness of what bullying is, recognizing it when it happens, and the role the…


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Difference Between Traditional and Cyberbullies

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The most time proven method of dealing with the bullies

I know there will be those who will not see this as I do. But I do hope you will consider my argument and keep an open mind here and think seriously on this bullying problem. There are kids that end up killing themselves to escape their daily Hell of being habitually bullied.

Bullying is very serious and it can affect a person negatively for the rest of their lives. But just how and why does that occur?

First let’s look…


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Keep It Real. Bullying Is Serious. Bullying Sucks

So, I've had several people ask, or comment, that perhaps I am taking this bulllying problem a little too seriously.   "It just happens"  or, "Kids just need to kick the kids butt a little bit, then it will stop". 


Consider this :

You are on your way home from work.  As you walk out onto the street, 7 or 8 of your coworkers start pushing you around.   They throw you to the ground, kicking dirt and gravel at you, yelling calling you names.   Then they drag you a block…


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