Keep It Real. Bullying Is Serious. Bullying Sucks

So, I've had several people ask, or comment, that perhaps I am taking this bulllying problem a little too seriously.   "It just happens"  or, "Kids just need to kick the kids butt a little bit, then it will stop". 


Consider this :

You are on your way home from work.  As you walk out onto the street, 7 or 8 of your coworkers start pushing you around.   They throw you to the ground, kicking dirt and gravel at you, yelling calling you names.   Then they drag you a block up the street to a tall iron fence, and after tormenting you further, secure you to the fence, threaten you that if you talk it will be worse next time, call you racial/sexist/etc names as you hang helplessly from the fence.  And leave you there.


You have to go and work with them again the next day. 


Can you even imagine. 


This is real.  Just check out the news story below.  These kids need more help than, "suck it up", they need real skills to avoid.  They need an education about conflict resolution and boundary setting.  And, I believe they need the ability to defend themselves if necessary. 


If you, or someone you know, or your kid, is a bully, a target, or a bystander, and you need some help with this please contact me.  I want to help.; my contact page; or;   or 206 230 9050




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