When Jeremiah Couldn't Take More Bullying, He Took His Life

How tired of that headline are we?   What can be done?  Here is a link to the story:


Well, everyday I go out on the floor and teach the kid's about respect, tolerance, kindness, compassion, and courage.   The courage to stand up.   For themselves, for others, for what is right.   

And I add another blog post.  

If you, or any group that you know of, or a kid, or your kid's class, or boy scouts, or girl scouts, or??   would like to learn more about how to prevent bullying.   How to handle being a bystander, a victim, or even to recognize when behavior is turning into bullying.   

Let me know.  We can help.  We are good at it.   And we will keep on doing it.   

MeLisa Strongheart

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