Notes from workshop about the POWER of the bystander.

review behaviors of bullying from last week: 1. imbalance of power 2. intent to harm 3. threat of further harm.

and work on the POWER OF THE BYSTANDER

60% of bullying is ended when one person takes a stand.

we will role play as well, maybe make some videos;)

Here are some things you can do if you see someone getting bullied:

Tell the bully to stop. Examples: "Cut it out!", "That's not funny!", "How'd
you like it if someone did that to you?" Let the bully know that what
he or she is doing is wrong and mean.
If you feel like you can't speak up, walk away from the situation and tell the nearest adult. Get
them to come help. This is not tattling!
If you see someone being bullied over and over again -- whether that person is a friend, sibling,
or classmate -- you can make a big difference in helping to stop it:

If your school has a bullying reporting program, like a hotline or "bully box", use it.
Make sure the kid who's being bullied tells his parents, or a teacher. Offer to go with him if it will help.
If she doesn't want to talk to anybody, offer to talk to someone on her behalf.
Involve as many people as possible, including other friends or classmates,
parents, teachers, school counselors, and even the principal.
Do NOT use violence against bullies or try to get revenge on your own. It's
possible that by speaking up or helping someone, you've made the bully
want to come after you. Be prepared for this, and hold your ground. You
already have adult support on your side
from PBS site

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