An Overview of What and Why We Teach in Our Bullying Prevention Classes

Our workshops with kids have a strong emphasis on influencing the bystanders, who are neither bullies nor victims, to make them show that they are against bullying and to make them support the victim, rather than encourage the bully (Salmivalli et al., 1996; Salmivalli, Kärnä, & Poskiparta, 2010; Salmivalli & Voeten, 2004)

During our presentation we aim to:

1.  Raise understanding and awareness of what bullying is, recognizing it when it happens, and the role the group can play in either sustaining or ending bullying.
            a.  Bulling is when someone picks on someone, “over and over again--- on Purpose”

2.  Understanding the idea of Tolerance, and how bulllies choose a victim.   Teaching kids tolerance for differences, and acceptance of differences.   Teaching and exploring the ideas of pluralism, or multiculturalism,  and the idea of with diversity there is richness in life and experience vs. Small minded/closed minded view of the world.
           a.  Whoa, time out, that is totally intolerant

           b.   Based on differences:  too tall/short, smart/dumb, dark skinned/light skinned, too fat, too skinny, too one religion/another religion, learning differences, disabilities, poor/rich, uncool clothes, etc

3.   Teach and explore strategies in supporting the targets of bullying, and build their confidence regarding their ability to do so.  
           a.  “don’t just stand there, do something”
           b.  Invite the target to join with you, your group
           c.   Get help from a teacher:   report
           d.  Help the target report it themselves to a teacher
           e.  Group  is stonger than the individual

            f.   Courage to take a stand.  The group supports you.

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